The LILATE is a certificate created by Lingueo that allows us to determine the level of a student in the language of their choice so that they can use it professionally if they wish.

At the end of each LINGUEO training course, the trainer makes notes on the students to determine their progress in the language they are learning. At the end of their training, a certificate is sent to them to determine the final linguistic level they have reached.

The teacher gives an opinion on the student's level after each course on the course report. (grammar, comprehension, expression, vocabulary and accent) and assigns a level grade according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages / levels A1 to C2).

The student can download this certificate throughout the duration of his training (in progress) and after his training (level obtained) from his student account.

This certificate is eligible for the Personal Training Account. LILATE is the first adaptive language evaluation certificate that allows all professionals in the job market to evaluate a candidate's operational language skills, before or after training, as well as independently.
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