How do I join a class via Microsoft Teams?


Joining your class via Teams is easy!
Just go to your dashboard and click on the "Join Course" button. You can join your class up to 5 minutes after the class start time.

The connection link is also sent by Lingueo Messenger 5 minutes before the course start time

After this time, the course will be counted as lost.

How do I create a Microsoft Teams account?

It is not necessary to have a Microsoft Teams account to join your course. If you do not have an account and do not wish to create one, you can join the course as a guest.

However, if you want to create an account, just follow this link:
Procedure for creating a Microsoft Teams account

How do I download the Microsoft Teams application?

To follow your courses via Microsoft Teams, it is not mandatory to download the application beforehand.

Indeed, after clicking on the "Join the course" button, you will be offered 3 choices:
Download the Mac/Windows application (if you want to install the application)
Continue on the browser (if you don't want to install the application)
Open your Teams application (open the application if it is already installed)

This will allow you to choose the Teams platform that best suits you to take your classes!

What if you already have a Microsoft Teams account?

In order to avoid interference, you should log out of your Microsoft Teams account before connecting to the link sent to your customer area. Remember to do this within 5 minutes before your class so that you don't lose time during your class.
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