You can share files and documents with your teachers from different places:

1 - Your Teams account

If this option is not available on your Teams account there are others.

Also, our TEAMS links are ephemeral, so documents shared on them will not remain accessible after the course.

2 - Your teacher account

A - Direct file
- There are no restrictions on the type of documents that teachers and students can exchange. (PDF, video, xls, word, text...)
- Accents and spaces are accepted

- Maximum file size: 250 MB
- No special characters (&@" etc...)

B - By WeTransfer* link
If your file is larger than 250 MB, it will not go through the email system of your lingueo account.
You can create a transfer link and send this link to your student by message.

C - By creating a Google Drive link
You need to create a File from your Google Drive, where you can share videos, presentations and documents with your students.

Step 1: Create the file

Step 2: Right click on the file and click on "Get Link"

Step 3: Copy the link and paste it into your conversation with your student from your Teacher account.

Teachers are forbidden to exchange with students outside of class and our tools for their protection and yours.
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