Microsoft Teams screen sharing does not work on Mac
Although both the Microsoft Teams Windows and Mac applications have screen sharing, its configuration on macOS is slightly different. This is because screen sharing on macOS requires special permission.

Applications that can share your screen will ask you for permission to do so. Some applications may not have an option to ask the user for permission, which means that users will never give it. In the end, the screen sharing feature does not work. Here's what you can do if Microsoft Teams screen sharing doesn't work on macOS.

Note: Microsoft Teams is a 64-bit application and works fine on macOS Catalina (and above).

1. Enable screen recording permission for Microsoft Teams
Screen sharing permission is granted to an app when it has screen recording permission.

Open the System Preferences application.
Go to the Security and Privacy preference.
Select the Privacy tab.
Scroll down the left column and select Screen Recording.
Click on the lock icon at the bottom and enter your account password.
Once the lock is "unlocked".
In the right pane, check the box next to Microsoft Teams.
Exit Microsoft Teams and open it again to share your screen.

2. Enable access to files and folders
Screen sharing from the macOS application of Microsoft Teams is not perfect. Specifically, the app is unable to ask the user for the permissions it needs. If you are unable to share the screen after enabling screen recording permission, you may need to grant the app access to files and folders.

Open System Preferences on macOS.
Go to the Security and Privacy preference.
Click on the Privacy tab.
Select File and Folder Access in the left column.
Click on the lock icon and enter your password to unlock it.
Enable/check the box next to Microsoft Teams.
Restart Microsoft Teams.

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