The exercise platform is available in the following languages:

- English
- English
- Italian
- German
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Portuguese from Portugal

You can access this exercise platform from your customer area by clicking on the "Cards and Exercises" tab

You can then filter your search

1 - Level

A1 - A2
B1 - B2
C1 - C2

2 - Category


3 - Status

To Do - When a teacher assigns you a worksheet to complete
Validated - When you have read the worksheet and completed the exercises and validated the knowledge
Not validated - When you have read the card and have done the exercises and have not validated the card

Here is how each page is broken down:

Explanation - Continuation of the title of the how the language works sheet
Practice - Doing exercises on the topic of the lesson sheet
Validate the worksheet - Take a test after reading the worksheet and completing the exercises to show that you have understood the material
Related worksheets - Worksheets to be completed after the one you have just done to follow the training

Do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service at if you find typos in the exercises or wish to see more exercises or worksheets in other subjects.
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