If your weekly slots no longer suit you and you wish to change them, nothing could be easier!
Throughout your training, you can change your training schedule at any time.

To do so, go to the details of your training, on the right side of your screen. You just have to click on the button "Manage my recurrent courses".

You will then have to choose whether you want to schedule a time slot with the teachers of your course only, or whether you want to extend your choice to other Lingueo teachers.
By default, the choice is limited to your teachers, if you wish to extend it, please click on the checkbox.

Once you have made your choice, you will have the possibility to delete one or more time slots by clicking on the cross on the right of the slot or to add one by clicking on the "Add an additional time slot" button in blue.

If you want to modify an existing time slot, you will have to delete it first and then add it again with the desired time modification.

After clicking on "Add an additional schedule" in blue, you will need to select the day you wish to have a recurring class, the start time of this class and the end time.

Once you have chosen the day and time, you just have to click on the "Calculate my new schedule" button in green.

Your new lesson schedule is proposed, if it does not suit you, you can modify the slot you want to add. If not, you just have to click on "Validate my schedule" in orange.

Your new classes are scheduled! Your new schedule and the teacher who will accompany you are summarized.
All you have to do is click on the button "Validate my schedule".

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