If you cannot attend one of your classes and it is scheduled in more than 24 hours, you can reschedule it, just go to your Student account and follow these steps:




To reschedule a class, please click on the small cross at the bottom right of the class box indicating Reschedule.

You will then have to write a message to your teacher to inform him/her of the postponement. This could also be a good time to talk to your teacher about his or her next availability or the ones he or she could open to catch up on your course.

Once you have written your message, all you have to do is click on Postpone.

Reminder : It is impossible to reschedule a class less than 24 hours before the start of the class.

Once you have rescheduled your course, it will be added to your remaining time credit, visible from your dashboard, and can be scheduled whenever you want before the end date of your training. (The same thing happens when your teacher cancels the course more than 24 hours in advance)

We still recommend that you schedule the time credit as soon as possible to guarantee a slot.
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